Saúde em Casa

For those who wish to remain at home, with support and supervision in terms of their health and well-being, the Saúde em Casa service is the solution. We recognize the need to provide well-being and quality of life at home, ensuring a personalized and user-centered follow-up service. With the services provided, we will be continuously checking the health condition preventing worsening of pre-existing chronic conditions, permanently monitoring your health condition and thus providing more confidence and tranquility in the aging.

All of this without leaving home!

Our services include:

  • Application of the Care Plan, stipulated by the family doctor;

  • Monitoring of health parameters (blood pressure, temperature, weight, blood glucose, among others), with direct information to your doctor in a rigorous, comfortable and economical way;

  • Medication management, particularly important in polymedicated elderly people who sometimes have difficulty taking medication routines;

  • Oral hygiene, due to the importance that it has given the direct relationship between poor oral hygiene and various diseases, such as cardiovascular, digestive problems and others;

  • Nutritional recommendations, addressing topics such as malnutrition, dehydration and also obesity, as risk factors for healthy aging;

  • Cognitive and stimulation training in the area of memory, language and executive functions in order to stimulate the compromised cognitive functions and provide the person with compensatory strategies in order to improve or preserve their functionality;

  • Physical mobility training and adapted exercise, with a view to reducing the risk of falls.

  • We will do a first free trial, in person or over the phone. From here, we will define the type of support needed and determine the range of services to practice.


To determine the type of support needed to be provided at home and in order to provide a personalized service, you must complete the form below.
We will then contact you for a free assessment of the situation, in person or by telephone.

What Type of Care is Needed? (Check all that







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