Signature of the Cooperation Protocol within the scope of the Health at Home project

The Dr. José Lourenço Júnior Foundation and the Municipality of Pombal signed on 09/28/2020 the partnership protocol for the development of the Social Innovation Initiative “Saúde em Casa”, which aims to provide home care in the area of health and well-being providing the elderly population with supervised aging, in safety and comfort, promoting their independence and delaying institutionalization. The initiative, approved as part of the application to the Operational Social Inclusion and Employment Program, Partnerships for Impact, of Portugal Inovação Social, provides for a global allocation of € €109,586.31; it has the support of the City Council of € €19,000 and € €9,555 of Voltface – Consultores em Gestão Global, Unipessoal Lda, as social investors, resulting in the rest of public financing and revenue. The intervention, provided by a multidisciplinary team with seniors, will be centered on a preventive aspect of primary health care, therapy management, cognitive and stimulation training and physical mobility and adapted exercise training, using technological systems. Bearing in mind the weaknesses of each user, the response given by the team will thus be personalized and directed to each specific situation, with a view to improving the quality of life of the elderly population in their own environment, combating loneliness and isolation, together with an increase in their physical, psychological and social well-being.

“This is an initiative that makes more and more sense for the elderly population and their families, as the first option for safe, calm and comfortable aging must be ensured at home. In fact, the so-called ageing in place brings several advantages of social inclusion and emotional reward. That is why it is urgent to value and integrate this support in an increasingly aging population that cannot remain marginal to the community where it lives.” – Architect Isabel Vaz Serra, PCA

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